What if We Talked About Donald Trump The Way He Talked About Us?

Donald Trump

You know what? I hate Donald Trump. He’s an idiot. He is what happens when stupid people trick even stupider people into voting for stupid reasons. I can’t tell if I hate his Scrooge McDuck fuck face, or his flattened tumbleweed haircut more. Every night, I turn on the news and the only thing is this ignorant buffoon telling me that President Obama isn’t really from this country, or how liberals need to stop being pussies or something like that. Whatever he said, it couldn’t have sounded more stupid.

One of the other things I can’t stand is the way he uses his fascist and racist views to denounce women, gays, hispanics, and anyone else in his path. I don’t really have any particular quotes to back it up, but I know he’s said it. Let’s not even mention his fucking voice. That smug, imploding, peanut butter mouth oozing the words “China” and “jobs” over and over again. I don’t know who exactly out there Donald Trump screwed to stay in the poisoning position he has managed to infect us all in, but they might be as big of a whack job as he is.

Honestly though, it might even be his supporters who are worse. It’s hard to actually imagine that much white trash in one arena, but a Trump rally really is a spectacle to see. I dare someone in the crowd to ask these stupid ass people how much they know about the Supreme Court appointee candidates or the Iran Nuclear Treaty. I wonder if these people can even spell Iran.

I guess it doesn’t really matter, though. Trump is going to lose, and they are going to scatter back to the backwoods trailer parks they all came from, and we can finally all have some peace…

Now imagine if what I just wrote was actually serious. Now imagine a hundred people saw what I wrote. Imagine a thousand people. Imagine that I became famous off of those words, and that people encouraged me to write even more of those words. Imagine those same people looked up to what I said and began using my same rhetoric with their friends. Now imagine I ran for public office with those words…

To tell you the truth, I know very little about Donald Trump. I couldn’t tell you the intricacies of his foreign policy plans, how he feels about racial injustice in America, or even one of the many policy contradictions he presumably has, and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. What I can tell you about, though, is the feeling I get when I listen to the words he uses. I can tell you about the fear that it brings me, about the anger I immediately feel when I hear some of the things he says.

I couldn’t really tell you about the people that believe in him either. I haven’t taken the time or the energy to actually look into the frustration his supporters must feel to come to a point where he became their beacon of hope. I also couldn’t tell you why his rallies tend to result in these same people saying and doing just at hate-filled as Donald himself.

To paint Donald Trump, or any one of his supporters, as a particular person is a disservice to the importance of this political race. It implies that I don’t believe they are important enough to warrant understanding on a more human level. Calling Donald Trump an idiot is not breaking new political ground. What it really is, is a regression from the real issue at hand: that treating Donald Trump like Donald Trump accomplishes absolutely nothing at all.

Look at what is written above and tell me it didn’t feel good to read it. It’s okay, because it felt good to write it. It feels good to be able to denounce someone without any evidence or logic. It’s easy to write hateful words over an objective analysis of Donald Trump’s failures as a political figure, a celebrity, a businessman, and, most of all, a man. I could write an entire essay on how pissed off I get hearing about Black Lives Matter protesters being jumped at Trump rallies by his supporters, but what am I really accomplishing? Did I help that protester or did I become the problem that he was addressing in the first place about oppressing others?

Donald Trump isn’t a person you can pass off with a couple of paragraphs of jokes and move on to the next subject. These supporters at his rallies aren’t far away people you can keep joking about with your friends until you find other sources of comedy. They deserve the utmost seriousness and attention from all of us, and there is a really simple reason as to why: because they aren’t giving you that same respect.

Donald Trump, to this point, doesn’t believe women, racial minorities, homosexuals, or even white males of the opposite party are worthy of a serious discussion in relation to how he is going to work with them. He makes jokes, he bullies them out of moderating debates, he refers to them as “rapists”, and clearly there is something that resonates on a very disturbing level to a sizable portion of the population. However, ignoring that resonance, or making fun of it, only adds to the problem but it will not solve it.

I will never vote for Donald Trump. I will never be able to appreciate the viewpoints that his supporters seem to have. But, that does not mean he won’t have my full attention come election time. Generalizing Donald Trump and his supporters as monsters, jokes, or as aliens to human decency doesn’t actually solve the problem of Donald Trump, it complicates it. Anyone can be the Donald if they really try. The sad part is, you don’t have to try nearly as hard as you think to get there.

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