The Great White Mope Episode 3: I Don’t Care about Scottie Pippen

Episode 3 includes discussion of the following topics:

  1. Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Beach
  2. Scottie Pippen’s ridiculous opinions
  3. How has The Walking Dead become boring?
  4. Top 5 most irrational fears
  5. The Hamburger Helper mixtape



Cosmic Analog Ensemble-Reverse Countdown



The Great White Mope Episode 2: Do Lonely People Take More Selfies?


The Great White Mope Podcast Cover 2

Topics for Episode 2, hosted by Matt Wilhite, include:

  1. Relationship Memes:
  2. Introduction
  3. Do lonely people take more selfies?
  4. Is mental health an over or under-politicized issue?
  5. Worst Boyfriend/Girlfriend names for the person you had a crush on at the same time.
  6. Recommendation of the week

Intro Song: Cosmic Analog Ensemble-“Reverse Countdown”

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The Great White Mope Episode 1: Team Loop Cereal

The first episode of The Great White Mope Podcast featuring myself, Host Matt Wilhite. Topics for the first episode include:

  1. Batman vs. Superman
  2. Introduction and Podcast Layout
  3. Kanye West and the perception of the “changing” artist.
  4. Ted Cruz and the Republican Party’s Trump Hypocrisy
  5. Loop Cereal vs. Non-Loop Cereal
  6. Common’s Be album/Recommendation of the Week

The Great White Mope is recorded in one man’s childhood closet using state of the art technology on an outdated laptop and microphone. Excuse the “um”s.

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The Great White Mope Podcast Cover